martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

My favorite Singer

Uhmm... this category win Gackt Camui he is a Japanese Singer. i like your music, style, he is the best siger, because he not only sings, he is an actor, producer, photographer... your MUSIC dam!! is GREAT MIZERABLE is my favority sing. have a special significance for me...

Gackt - Mizerable ENG SUB

school days

this is my class in the last year in the school i love all, and all will be forever in my heart, share many things together... is really hard forget all.

MY PPL (people)


1-Patricia (MOM)

sorry, but i dont have photo with my mother in my lapto... she is a really good mother na dlike said me... Do this, do that all time. she take good cares me and my sister.

2. Mariela (Aunt)
My aunt

she care me alot, and cooking all food delicius

Friend's / School life

1: Gabriela (Ludus / Kitty)

She is my best friend.
she is funny, and playing whit me JADE DYNASTY is a onlygame, she take Courses Chef with me.actually do many things together, and both have much in common, all ppl ask me or her, him/her is your Boy/Girlfriend is really funny but no only friend.. xD

2. Ericka

she is my another best friend, she like cosplay, study Grafic desing at urbe, like japanese music :) all ppl said she is my lost sister... xD i love her


her is my last best friend, she like cosplay, J-music, K-Music.. really she like all music.. xD but she really hates Vallenatos, Champeta... she is LIC in Graphic Desing, and she is really funny. and the 4 together is a party.

Opinion about the video Firework: WE are all Fireworks!!!!!!!

The song is very nice, and have alot significant, because she talk abaut all  need break our fears, accept ourselves nad most importantly be as we are,

i like this song =D 


jueves, 20 de enero de 2011


hello, this is my blog for my clases about english level 5. i can post here my homework... sound good, really? \m/ dont use books and pincel.... really i love, my teacher Doris she´s ROCK!!!..

i like Lisent music..prefer J-Music...i really like japanes music, my genere favorite is J-Pop, J-rock... my favorite singers is GACKT and BoA(but she is from Korea) One Bands Versailles and other.. but  I also like English Music... i like cooking I'm even doing a chef course.

i live in maracaibo/venezuela, im study in URBE

My dream get my title industrial relations and title of Master Chef (only wait 7 months for this ;))